Care tips for scooter

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Compare with motorcycle, car and other kinds of vehicle, scooter need more care. Scooter maintenance is divided into two parts. One is Pre-Ride Checklist, other one is regular maintenance.

Pre-ride checklist

Lights come on and will adjust to bright/dim

Turn signals are working

Tires are fully inflated

Brakes – both front ones and back ones – working correctly

Windshield, if you have one, is clean and clear

Gas tank above 1/4 tank mark

Adequate motor oil

Adequate coolant, for water-cooled engines

Regular maintenance

1. Keep your scooter in garage or scooter cover

If you will want to keep your scooter as clean and shiny as possible, if you can't garage it, then you should probably think about getting a scooter cover to protect it as much as you can from the elements.

2. Regular clean and dry

If it gets wet, dry it off. If it gets dirty, wash it. Patch any chipped paint to avoid development of rust spots. Simple, common-sense stuff.

3. Check and change oil periodically

You'll also want to change your oil periodically. New scooters should probably have this done within the first 300 to 500 miles, and then about once every 1000 miles thereafter. You'll need motorcycle oil; 15W-40 is a good choice for many scooters.

Additional tip

When you park your scooter outdoor, you must cover your scooter by scooter covers. It keeps your scooter from UV rays, high temperature, dust and rain in summer. And it keeps your scooter from snow, dust, wet weather in winter. Do not buy bad quality scooter covers, it not only cannot protect your scooter, but damage your scooter paint.


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