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Here let us share the things happened on one of my friends. And his experience and words may give us an inspiration.
“This is the first car cover that I've purchased. - Ease of putting the MPV cover on: Good. - Ease of taking cover off: Very easy - Appearance: Good. This cover could be offered in colors though. - Quality: Good but I think perhaps the material could be a bit thicker to protect from door dings which is the primary thing that I bought it for. I may have been better off to buy the cover for that purpose. - Ease of installation: I feel that if one is ordering a high end cover such as this the antennae hole should already be made into the cover when shipped. After all, the make and model is provided to the mfg. If the antenna hole was already made into the cover it would prevent one from installing the "hole" into the cover in almost the wrong spot. It would be more precise. This is perhaps my biggest annoyance aside from the thickness, or lack thereof, of the material to protect against door dings.MPV van covers
I just received my covers. One for my MPVs was for sister. I bought medium for both and it's perfect. I don't usually review items with so short a time of owning it but with winter around the corner I thought I would throw in my two cents for what it's worth. Keeping in mind that I don't believe the perfect cover exists, I would say for my needs this comes pretty close. The medium was the perfect fit. The grommets are reinforced and that makes a big difference to me as this area was the first to go in other covers I've owned. They are made of a heavy material. I'll be happy. I can't really expect more for the money. Give this one a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. One more thing is about the price. The cost of these covers do not make them cheep covers, it's really what all manufactures should be charging for MPV van covers of this same build and quality, but no, expect to pay much more for a similar cover from another manufacturer. Good luck.”

From his experience, what do you know? What things do you catch? Different people have different views. If only you had got something. As far as I consider it, MPV van covers are so important to us that everyone needs to own one. And we need pay attention when we buy a van cover. The materials, colors, sizes etc must be take into considering.

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