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If you want a successful vacation, you should make sure everything is OK especially the vehicle. SUVs tend to have spacious cargo areas, but this is not everything. Since most SUVs come with a factory luggage rack, it can be quite beneficial to learn how to use it effectively.

Use a measuring tape to measure the size of bag or box you will need. If your luggage rack has crossbars, you'll need something that fits within the square that the sidebars and crossbars form. If your luggage rack lacks crossbars, just make sure the rooftop carrier doesn't hang over the windshield.

Choose a weatherproof, high quality box or cargo bag. Whatever you choose will be riding in rain and other weather extremes at speeds up to 70 mph. Since you're storing personal items that are worth keeping inside, it pays to get a carrier that is extremely durable and weatherproof.

Pack the cargo box or bag while it is on top of the car. This greatly reduces the risk of back and neck injuries from trying to hoist a loaded carrier onto the car.

Fill the box or bag to capacity to prevent rattling or flapping once the car is in motion. Avoid packing items you will need quick access to during the trip on top of the vehicle.

Seal the box or bag according to the manufacturer's instructions, then take your cam-buckle straps and secure the carrier to the luggage rack. There should be locations on the rack for the hooks to snap onto, and you'll use the cam-buckle crank to tighten them. Use two straps over the sides of the box or bag, and two straps from front to back.

Following these steps will free up a lot of interior space, allowing you to focus on bringing along all of the things you'll need to do, then you will have a great vacation. Just do it.

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