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When you buy a new MPV, there are many respects you need to consider before you buy. And there are some surveys you need do at first. Below tips will show some important respects you need to pay close attention on.

First of all, know off Size matters of MPV. MPVs are available in three distinct size categories: small (Renault Modus), medium (Ford C-Max) and large (Ford Galaxy). They're all very different in terms of their target market. You must clearly know which size you want. For comfortable driving, enough space for family, fitting for home parking space, etc, You must consider Size matters of MPV carefully before you buy.

Second, how many seats of MPV you want? Some people think an MPV has to have seven seats. Sure, it's very handy to have seven seats, and some large families do genuinely need all seven. But ask yourself how often you really need to carry seven people. If the answer is 'very rarely', you can potentially save a lot of money by choosing a five-seater. If you do need to carry seven people regularly, then make sure you can fit their luggage in too. All but the very largest seven-seaters have seriously compromised boots with all seats occupied. And many seven-seaters suffer from cramped, hard-to-access rearmost seats.

Third, know off the seating situation. You could argue that MPVs are all about their seats. Every single MPV has something clever to offer in the seating department, but there are a surprising variety of different ways of designing flexible seating - and some will suit certain families better than others. Here are some things to look out for. Sliding rear seats can be a real bonus. You can push them back to increase rear legroom or slide them forwards to improve boot space. Some cars also offer a small degree of recline on the rear seats – a good feature to stop kids’ heads lolling forwards if they fall asleep.

Forth, ask advice from your flexible friend. MPVs live or die by the flexibility and size of their luggage space. It's handy if the main boot is as big as possible, of course, and Which? Car makes independent measurements of boot space for every car we test. Check out the Comfort & Practicality sections of our car reviews to find out exactly how much luggage each car can swallow.

Fifth, you need to consider MPVs and child seats. If you have three young children, all needing to be seated in child car seats, an MPV may be the only viable option to transport the entire family safely and securely, as many conventional cars can't accommodate three child seats abreast. Check the rearmost fold-up seats in seven-seaters too - not all can carry child seats.

Six, pay attention to doors and access. MPVs have become increasingly clever in terms of passenger access. Sliding doors are a real boon, especially in tight parking spots. Access to the rearmost row of seats in some seven-seaters is very tricky, but some (like the Mazda 5) offer easier walk-through access.

Seventh, check all respects; make sure you choose the right stuff.

Eighth, prepare some maintenance accessories for your new MPV, such as MPV covers/mini van covers and so on.

(Resource: www.thepandacover.com and which.co.uk.)

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