2012 Ford Expedition, top Affordable Large SUVs

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MSRP of 2012 Ford Expedition starts at $36,530. It ranks 1 out of 8 Affordable Large SUVs in USNEWS. Reviewer thought it is a good choice among truck-based SUVs, but if you’re looking for a fun-to-drive SUV or a family vehicle with a high-tech interior, the competition may be better. What do you think of it if you plan to buy one SUV for family use?

Kelley Blue Book's Editor said:"For families with more than four kids, or the need to tow a boat or trailer, a 6-cylinder CUV isn't going to cut it. Thankfully, the 2012 Ford Expedition has plenty of muscle and room to spare, and although the Expedition's fuel economy is not great, it is tolerable considering big Ford's herculean capabilities."

The Ford Expedition comes in either a regular or extended wheelbase model, and each is available in XL, XLT, Limited and King Ranch trims. For 2012, the Expedition gains standard front parking sensors on Limited and King Ranch models, and blind-spot mirrors are now standard on all trims.

The 2012 Ford Expedition remains a truck-based utility vehicle. It can tow more than some pickup trucks, seat up to eight and offer true four-wheel drive, rather than part-time all-wheel drive. It’s even more refined than other large SUVs, thanks to an independent rear suspension that gives it a particularly smooth ride and makes it more agile than some competitors. Though its base trim is pretty basic, higher trim levels add convenient features at a price that’s competitive with the Expedition’s rivals.

Most families shopping for an eight-seat SUV would do better to consider a crossover or a minivan. Crossovers offer all-wheel drive capability for bad weather conditions, while netting better gas mileage and providing a driving experience that’s more fun. And minivans remain the ultimate family vehicle, with some of the most innovative features on the market and unbeatable cargo space. Opting for the Expedition means you’ll get an adult-sized third row, heavy-duty towing capacity and comfortable ride at the expense of fuel economy and driving dynamics.

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