2012 Chevrolet Camaro, one of top 3 affordable convertibles

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2012 Chevrolet Camaro is one of top 3 affordable convertibles. It wins reviewers many great reviews on its good looks and

muscle-car performance, but falls short with a cramped back seat and low-quality interior. Which is not to deny that continues to

win test drivers’ hearts with its stylish looks and composed handling? Automobile Magazine said, "After forty years of compromises

and letdowns, it's nice to see a pony car that behaves the way that we've always thought one should."

The Chevrolet Camaro receives a few updates for 2012. The gauge cluster and steering wheel have been revised, and Chevy

has massaged more power out of the Camaro's V6. A rearview camera is now available, and a 45th anniversary package adds

special stripes, badges and wheels. MSRP: $23,280 - $41,030.

Although many reviewers note that the Camaro still may trail the Ford Mustang in terms of performance, many agree that if you're

shopping convertible models, the Camaro is a better choice. Motor Trend writes that the Camaro "has no trouble transitioning from

canyon carver to classic cruising convertible." Inside, reviewers find wide front seats and a retro-styled cabin, but also a small back

seat, even by affordable sports car standards. Camaro coupes also don't offer much headroom. Additionally, the dash, console

and door panels in both models are finished in hard plastic. Although the Camaro is a solid performer with a stylish exterior

design, rivals like the Nissan 370Z and Ford Mustang feature slightly better interior quality.

Base on these advantages and disadvantages, it got many different kinds of reviews. Some said, "Look at the value-for-money

and the performance numbers of the Camaro combined with its Dragon-tastic looks and you can't help but feel GM has a winner

on its hands." Someone thought Camaro suffers from the usual sporty car vices of poor visibility and a claustrophobic interior. It

balances that with very good power and generally civilized road manners. We cannot sure we found the best or top car, but we

need to look for a best suitable car for ourselves.
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